Playdough Activity: Rainbow blocks


Children engage with the world through their senses.  They are constantly learning while exploring the world they live in.  Sensory play offers opportunities to ignite these senses and have a blast while doing it.  Have you ever tried to explain what it feels like to have sand between your toes or what coffee smells like?  Somethings just can’t be taught in words…they have to be experienced.  This is what sensory play is all about. 

LET THEM MESS – they are stimulated and through exploring they investigate, create and discover new sensations.  Sensory experiences also enhance language development, fine motor skills, thinking skills, cognitive growth, problem solving skills and social interaction.  It is also a great way for young children to learn important sensory attributes like hot, cold, sticky, dry etc.  The benefits are endless and moms, these activities usually keep them engaged for long enough to enjoy a hot cuppa coffee! 😊

We hope you enjoy our first sensory activity and can’t wait to see all the pics of Busy Bubs around the world trying it out!

 Age appropriate:  6months-3 years

This activity is easy to make and is taste safe so great for babies and toddlers.  I have used a mix of three colours as I am focusing on these colours with my little Busy bub at the moment but you can include as many colours as you wish.  It is a great activity as it can be extended depending on the age of your child.  Babies will just enjoy squishing it between their fingers, tasting it (It doesn’t taste great) and tipping it out of the container. 

For older bubs you can add objects to the cubes which they can rescue, or always a favourite, throw in some spoons and scoops and let them scoop and transfer the blocks from one container to another.   If your bub is starting to recognise colours you can give them coloured containers and get them to put the colour cubes in the same colour containers.

Talk to your bub while they play: here are a few topics you can discuss –

What do you feel?  Is it cold?  Where is the red cube? Are you putting the blue cube in the container?  What shape did you rescue from the block?

SIDE NOTE: We never got to scooping and sorting because the mess and sensation was just too much fun.  THIS IS MESSY MOMS, best to do it on the grass close to a hose pipe or on a drop sheet and straight to the bath after.  (The fun is worth the mess, I promise!)

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I so look forward to sharing more with you soon!

     Love Jen and Tate

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